Designing Individual Spaces Made Simple

What’s your inspiration? What is your decorating style? Interior designers ask themselves these questions often. What are the common threads that tie into place when choosing a great design?

Often it is the fundamentals that are overlooked. When designing any space, whether an office or bedroom, the style or feature is tied into how it will look. When designers are space planning a commercial office for example, they look for the function of the space. Form and function; it’s an element of design. What is the purpose of the space? What will it serve? An office is a space for work, but what kind of work? Is it a creative space, a playful space, or is it a space needing lots of reference materials.

Design Ideas
Repurposed door shown by

At home, we use rooms for a common purpose. For example the kitchen is for cooking, the bedroom is for sleeping. However these spaces may serve dual purposes for some individuals. A bedroom may also be used for watching television or sitting in a corner comfy chair while reading a good book. The kitchen is not only a place for preparing meals but many families gather in the kitchen to socialize and entertain.

The functions of a space need to be determined when designing the type of environment. Secondly the style of the individual is to be considered. Is the space for someone who is playful or traditional? Does it fit their needs? Knowing the function is only the beginning. Does the room lend itself to natural light? Is it cozy and inviting? Making the most out of the space takes a great deal of thought and practice.

There is plenty of information all around to gather ideas and start the planning. Understanding trends and selecting from the latest styles will keep the space up to date. Maximizing the space to make the most use out of the space will provide plenty of days of comfort.

Save money in the budget by repurposing items around the house.

For example use an old door (see photo insert) and create a nice nook for hanging items. Or clean out that old closet and create a seating bench area with some shelves and you’ll have a nice reading niche.

There are plenty of ways to save money and be creative. Use Pinterest to get inspired.  Designing individual spaces can be made simple just by asking the right questions and knowing the style you want to create. Embellish a little and have fun while using creative design ideas.


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