Office Cubicles or Benching Applications: The Wave of the Future Office

Looking for something unique for the office? The new organic mix of workstations are on the horizon.

Haworth Reside Benching
Haworth Reside Benching

The traditional cubical is changing. Benching and open collaborative stations are making their mark in the commercial office.  If you’re old enough to remember the old days of typewriters and desks lined up, you can appreciate the long way offices have evolved.

Technology has a lot of influence on the way we work. Office environments influence the way we operate.

Are we working as a team? Collaborating and creating ideas. Are we influencing our peers? Mentoring and encouraging one another throughout the day. Are we productive in our open offices? Buttoning down and getting the work done in a timely manner.

We live busy lives. Most of the time we spend is in the office. Why not enjoy the comfort of having a space that evolves along with the technology of today’s world. Offices demand our attention. The way we work reflects our character. The office in which we work reflects the culture of the environment. Different offices demand different styles.  Benching applications are becoming more popular.

The furniture industry holds an “open house” (so to speak) each year. In Chicago, the place to go is, the Merchandise Mart. The furniture showrooms open their doors to the public during Neocon. This event brings in people from all across the world. Designers, Dealers, Architects, Planners, Facility Managers, Sales Associates and many others involved in the furniture industry come to the Mart to see the latest and greatest innovations.

Innovant 120 Workstation
Innovant 120 Workstation

The new way of thinking involves technology and as furniture dealers are continuously looking for the latest product offering, this year at Neocon was no exception.

Manufacturers draw from inspiration. Their creative drive for innovation sparks new and challenging methods to provide clients the best of the best. Today’s market thrives on technology and social media. Today’s offices reflect that.


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