Spring Decorating Ideas for a Room Makeover

Spring is here. That means time for a refresh. Are you ready for some Spring decorating? Do you have a few ideas for a room makeover? Find some great ideas on Pinterest and create a collage of your favorite items.

Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Choose favorite pieces with complimentary colors.

What’s hot right now? 

Check out this article, “Top Home Decor Trends for Spring.” for more ideas.

Chrome is in.  According to the top design consultants, Chrome has the durable finish most clients love and can price 40 – 60 percent less than others.  Check out those latest appliances in a stainless steel finish. Sleek and inviting, stainless steel creates the upscale contemporary look even with most traditional styles. 

The trend-setters are those who create something unique and others follow. One of the latest fashion trends in interior design is in removable wallpaper. Without all the hassle, decorators can try out wallpaper and replace it with something else. Sherwin Williams offers Easy Change.

English: Stainless Steel Tub on the Rocks with...

Time for spring. Bring the great outdoors inside. With design ideas that inspire the colors of spring, the beauty of nature, and the fresh air scents, look at ways to bring those elements indoors.

When the weather gets warmer, we open the windows. The warmth of the sun, the spring flowers blooming, while those early birds are singing. This is the time to get inspired.

Are you on a tight budget?

Freshen a room with a new coat of paint. Dust out those corners and refresh the space. Rearrange the room’s layout. Time to store away those winter items and put out a fresh vase of flowers. Store those throw blankets in chests and clear off those tables. Spring means clear away the old and bring in the new.

Refresh, renew, and revitalize your space.

Accent the space with small interior investments. Little things like adding a lamp or a piece of artwork can personalize the space and spruce it up.

DIY Projects

Do you love to craft? Turn your craft into a pet project and add some personality to your space.  Turn an old piece of furniture into a new piece. Repurpose.  Find ways to salvage old items into something new or different.  DIY has an unique idea in this article, “Poster Art Dresser.”

Spring is the time to get rid of the clutter. It’s a time for cleaning.  There’s something about the season that refreshes the spirit.  Clear out the closet. Pack away the winter and look forward to summer. Outdoor parties, family gatherings, and relaxing atmospheres, spring is here. Time to get started.


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