Barbie Dream House: Want to Play Along?

How about playing along with Mattel’s Barbie doll search for her new dream home? The toy manufacturer is beckoning virtual searches for the iconic Barbie’s quest to find a new home. Does that mean Barbie is moving?

In the play world of anything can happen there are some things which stand the test of time. Mattel’s year-long campaign will have Barbie search the continent for her ideal dream house. They have enlisted a team of designers and the toy maker’s promotion will have fans playing along. Fans can follow the events as they unfold on Barbie’s Facebook page.

Real or imaginary, this new house hunt means Barbie will have to list her existing Californian home.

The Malibu home went on sale for a cool $25 million. Barbie’s dollhouse is listed with celebrity realtor Josh Altman from Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles,” who says he’ll be happy to show her a new house from anywhere all over the world. 

The NY Daily News reported, Barbie bought her Malibu Dream house in 1962 and it has since undergone more than 10 re-imaginings, with each renovation showcasing architectural features and interior designs representative of the era.

Her current digs showcase prominent living with pink décor and essential plastic pieces.

With a sale price of $25 million, how about that for plastic homes?

Barbie Doll House by Mattel
Barbie Doll House by Mattel

How many young girls played with the Barbie doll back in those days? Decorating her house with pretty little fixtures and pretending to live like a princess, this Barbie dollhouse was in most girls’ toy boxes.

Today fans can view photos of her Malibu house for sale on; an actual realtor site. The listing states, “This innovatively scaled three-story home has more than 8,500 square feet of fab living space and a master bedroom featuring a balcony overlooking the ocean. This luxe property features clean lines, sparkly surfaces, dazzling details, and soaring ceilings that let the awesome Malibu sunsets into every pinktastic centimeter of the interior.”

Barbie Doll House by Mattel
Barbie Doll House by Mattel

Moms and Dads, Be on alert! Mattel plans to keep her new house location secret. They plan to announce her new dream house and release a new playset this fall. Just in time for the holiday season, young girls will want the new Barbie dollhouse for Christmas. Mattel plans to unveil Barbie’s Dream house by the end of 2013.


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