Modular Tiles Do It Yourself to Upscale the Look of Any Room

Featured on DIY network’s ‘I Want That’ these modular tiles are easily hung with a few screws. By filling the seams with a little caulking, the tiles are secure and create an upscale look.

A unique application and easy to install, these modular tiles can be utilized in a variety ways; as a backsplash, a headboard, or wall feature, these tiles look great. If desired, they can be painted as well.

Modular panel wall
Dune Panel in Chicago home by modularArts

Why not create a look that sculptures a wall without all those complicating tools. What do you desire? A room makeover that is affordable and easy to install, a box of 6 tiles will run about $150 each.

The tiles come in a variety of forms and styles. Need a little more dimension to the wall, try the Brook tile. With its curvilinear lines as smooth as grass, the Brook tile boasts depth and elongates any wall.

Modular Tile accent wall


These tiles are elegant, contemporary and retro; a perfect idea for a personal touch to any room.

In 2002, modularArts introduced their large commercial-grade panels to the Design, Architecture and Commercial Building industries.

These bold, large-scale modular panels allow creation for dramatic, seamless sculptural walls seen in modern hotels, restaurants, offices, and building lobbies around the world.  Virtually adorned in many high-scale restaurants and hotels, these progressive interlocking panels cultivate a beautiful, unique look. Cast with glass reinforced gypsum, these products are durable, fire-safe and healthy.

Take a look at some of these applications on Pinterest.  

With its tufted pillow look, the Tucker tile creates the perfect headboard for any bedroom.   Be inspired and have some fun while accenting any room.


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