Interior Design Buzz Words and What They Mean

Every industry has them. Those little buzz words that target certain audiences and create enthusiasm or daunting pressure around a theme.

What are design themes? What is the design world talking about?

Every season is a season for change yet there are some themes that are reconditioned only to return again.

The interior design world is no different.

Developing topics and fashionable trends revolutionize the ways things are designed and created.

What are some of the buzz words heard in design studios or showrooms?

Perhaps you’ve heard a few of them. Do you know what they mean?

Repurpose – Find new and unique ways of reusing an existing piece. Repurpose items found around the house including broken pieces and create something totally unique and useful with it. Instead of recycling, why not try upcycling and give those old, unwanted pieces a facelift. Check out some of these repurposed pieces.

Diversified portfolio – A design portfolio is your resume, the many expressions of your work. Create a diversified portfolio and your work will stand above the rest. This will show clients your flexibility and creativity. Clients want to see ideas. A portfolio filled with creative sparks can set the bar for others to aspire to.

What makes you different? Give people inspiration and you will set yourself apart from all the rest.

Collaborative – When designing office spaces, collaborative spaces are in. Don’t just follow the latest trends when customers are looking at their competition. Stand out by gathering ideas and incorporate a little bit from everyone then discover what best suits you. Collaborative office designs are flexible spaces that are adaptable in creating an open team atmosphere. These areas foster communication where an environment of synergy is qualified with building ideas.

Transforming spaces – Any space can be modernized, revitalized, refreshed or repositioned to create a new look. Transform a room with a modern look or refresh a room with a fresh new color of paint. Rooms are transformed during the Holidays when decorations fill the room. New home owners transform their spaces to fit their lifestyle. Offices transform spaces to expand or downsize.

This is the cycle of design.

Everything changes and some things stay the same. Explore the industry trends, discover the latest innovations and watch those buzz words.

Find your niche. Perform the necessary due diligence. And realize the design world is constantly evolving. Use social media and find what inspires you, then go out there and make a difference.



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